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Name: Calvink Turner
Date: 08/07/2015
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Name: erin leah
Date: 08/07/2015
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Name: Dalia Trystan
Date: 08/07/2015
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Name: Emily Jozeff
Date: 08/07/2015
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Name: Dominique Branton
Date: 08/07/2015
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Name: smang la1
Date: 08/07/2015
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Date: 08/07/2015
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Name: smang la1
Date: 08/07/2015
Message: which by the way if you take a longer look at this picture with all these kids being let out about 15 or 20 kids being led out by teachers in adults from this parking lot if you take a look at the parking lot from the aerial views you can see their different cars in the parking lot in that area so obviously that was done during some sort of drill and that's my opinion and didn't match with what was going on at the times .

Name: dier rona
Date: 08/06/2015
Message: in and try in takeout we bowled in here's take out the shooters they were very timid I'm we would bother me we were kind of screaming at the screen at the time when that the administration and the teachers that we had their you know that the at the police that they want going in in course now a big .

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